Your Human Resource & Industrial Relations Department

Laboria Human Resources & Industrial Relations

We are a group of practitioners with many years of experience in Labour Law, Human Resource matters, contingency planning linked to recruitment and training courses compiled to your specific needs.

We have an excellent track record at various forums/institutions such as the CCMA, Bargaining Councils, and Labour Court etc dealing with Labour Law matters. Our range of services include, amongst others:

  • Assisting you in all CCMA-, Bargaining Council-, Psira-, Mibco- and Labour Court matters.
  • Development of all applicable Contracts of Employment. (Full range).
  • Development and implementation of Policies & Procedural documents, without which employers are experiencing problems at the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and Labour Court as far as the professional management of discipline is concerned.
  • Internal enquiries and Disciplinary Hearings supported by all relevant documentation in order to safeguard our clients.
  • Internal Disputes and Grievances.
  • All Union related matters. (Negotiations, Recognition Agreements, Verifications etc).
  • Development and process management of Employment Equity Plans and Reports and the submission thereof to the Department of Labour.
  • Assist with BEE matters linked to contingency planning and various related matters to the benefit of you business.
  • Restructuring/Retrenchments.
  • Development, implementation and management of Safety Files.
  • Analyzing of your business’s compliance in terms of Labour – and related Legislation.